Get it Sold (Let It Go – Frozen)

Andrea Romero

Whether you are a Frozen fan or not, how can this awesome remake of “Let It Go” not inspire you to see the benefits of selling your house?

Do You Want To Sell Your House Now? (Do You Want To Build a Snowman? – Frozen)

Kristina Newcomb

Frozen clearly has some catchy tunes, so whether you are familiar with the movie or not, how do you not get this realtor’s melody stuck in your head?! Do you want to sell YOUR house NOW?

Everyday I’m Hustlin’ (Parody – Compliments of the Real Estate Rockstars)

Santa Clarita

For those of you who need to be amped up a bit more about selling your house, how about this remake of the popular hip hop song “Everyday I’m Hustlin’?”

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