What Should You Do To Prepare Your House For Selling?

After the decision has been made to sell your house, you might ask yourself how best to prepare your house to appeal to potential buyers. Should you update the half bath? Repaint the back deck? Upgrades are costly and may not even bring the return in monetary value that you expect.  Below are four proven tips that will provide great return on your investment: – by Alexis N. Winnell, Realtor

Give the Kitchen a “FAUX” Renovation

If your kitchen is 1987, think about updating the faucet hardware, cabinet pulls, and door hinges. If the cabinets are scratched or discolored, consider painting them white and filling in the scratches with wood filler. Purchase a high-quality floor polisher or wax and apply liberally to make your floor sparkle once again!

Bring A Hint of Nature Inside

Consider neutral colors that you would find in nature for the wall paint and focal point decor. Deep burgundy walls may be a striking aspect of your home design, but will detract from your home’s appeal to the typical buyer. Keep colors muted and warm. Add potted plants to the living room. Remove bulky furniture that inhibits the natural flow of the rooms.

Tackle the “To-Do” List

Clear any clutter that will prevent the buyer from seeing the full potential of a certain space. If you converted a bedroom into a walk-in closet, convert it back into a bedroom. It is easier for a buyer to envision the rooms as they are meant to be rather than as you have enjoyed them. Each room should have a defined purpose! Make any necessary repairs–including updating smoke detectors, plastering holes in the walls, tightening loose door knobs, cleaning the windows (inside and out), and having the carpets professionally cleaned.

Don’t Forget the Curb Appeal

Give your front door a splash of color to peak interest. Dispose of any items in the driveway or backyard that are no longer in use. This includes your college sophomore’s swing set as well as stacks of wood and debris from former projects. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Good luck! If you are interested in additional tips on getting your house in tip-top shape, give us a call at 978-276-3333 or email Info@ApexSold.com and one of our agents will assist you!